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Let food be thy medicine



Health begins with nature. Ancestors used natural foods for medication and sustenance and knew which foods to avoid, but today most of us have lost this knowledge and have become complacent with reaching for the fake ‘wonder drug’ to suppress the symptoms and with questionable negative effects. It’s one thing to feel momentarily worse before you feel better, but taking a drug that is marketed to relieve headaches and has a ‘side’ effect of causing headaches just doesn’t make any sense.

If you have ever considered using ‘complementary medicine’? Look beyond your medicine cabinet for health improvement with Nature Cures. Harnessing the power of natural foods and herbs can often be very effective. With Nature Cures you can find natural alternative solutions and aids to guide you towards improved health and away from a variety of ailments. Rediscover traditional methods of health care from around the world that utilises food as a form of medicine. Learn about natural remedies, the potential side effect of bad food and drugs and recognise the beneficial qualities and nutrients from organic produce. for lasting wellbeing.

– Has your health improved or declined over recent years?
Has the health and social care service in your area improved or declined over time?
– What circumstance would compel you to be more proactive towards your healthcare?
– Have you given up and think good health and therapy is only for the rich and privileged?

Everyone has the right to live a healthy life and many believe there is more than one way to achieve this. Including natural complementary methods, combining traditional wisdom with contemporary specialist knowledge from all over the world is a method on the rise. Dealing with health issues or potential health threats takes more than swallowing a pill to subdue the symptoms.

Be Proactive In Your Healthcare
Which foods contain the highest amount of Vitamin C? How does Vitamin C help strengthen your body? Which herbs help control high blood pressure? With clear and simple ‘How to’ instructions, Nature Cures enable you to take in information and put them to use straight away.
What may work for one may not for another. Nature Cures takes this in to account by offering a variety of ways you can take control of your health. You choose what works for you, so you can tailor your natural health solutions to your needs and circumstance. This book will help you uncover:

– Which foods contain the required nutrients you may be lacking
– The benefits and cautions of natural and processed foods
– Science-backed natural methods and lifestyle changes
– Teach you natural remedies and easy directions
– Highlight potential household hazards to human health and safeguards
– The effects of drugs, prescribed and over-the-counter
– Additional ways to effectively boost your health naturally, and much more…

Investing in yourself is the greatest investment you can ever make. With well over 1,000 pages of knowledge from years of research, Nature Cures has earned a place in your home.
Please note: This book is written in English.

Let food be thy medicine...

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