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Let food be thy medicine



Where are you, when it comes to your health, on a scale of 1 to 10? (1 = In a desperate state, and 10 = Feeling great!)

Ancestors used natural foods for medication and sustenance and knew which foods to avoid, but today most of us have lost this knowledge and have become complacent with reaching for the fake ‘wonder drug’ to suppress the symptoms and not deal with the real cause. Take a look at the small print of pharmaceutical over-the-counter and prescribed drugs. Do you see a list of questionable negative effects? It’s one thing to feel momentarily worse before you feel better, but taking a drug that is marketed to relieve headaches and has a ‘side’ effect of causing headaches just doesn’t make any sense! And yet millions of people still take such drugs with the aim to remedy their headaches. Think about that.

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Our bodies are created to self heal, and feeding ourselves numerous innutritious ‘foods’ will only obstruct the natural bodily function of healing ourselves. Whoever thought food could be weaponised? Which do you spend more money on, your health or the lottery? Has the health and social care service in your local area improved or declined over time? Do you think good health and wellbeing is just for the rich and privileged?

What circumstance would compel you to be more proactive towards your healthcare and consider including natural wholistic methods, combining traditional wisdom with contemporary specialist knowledge from all over the world, to deal with your health related issues or potential health threats?
– The death of a loved one?
– A life changing illness/accident?
– Family responsibilities?

– A pandemic?

Which one are you waiting for?

If you lack an informative guide where you and your family can obtain healthier lifestyle this will give you an insight on ailments, toxic substances and benefits/cautions on a wide variety of natural and processed foods. This highly prized book could help you and your family plan and monitor your health in 2020 and beyond. Gain from practical suggestions and rediscover which foods contain the required nutrients your body may be lacking and why ‘health foods’ are not all equal.

Do you feel you have been overprescribed pills? Not happy with your GP? Need a second opinion? How to find a Naturopath for your needs

As each one of us is different and unique the book takes this in to account. What may work for one person may not be as effective to another. Sample of subjects covered in Nature Cures:
– Breakdown of ailments
– Suggested natural remedies
– Hazards to human health and safeguards
– The effects of drugs, prescribed and recreational
– How to effectively boost your immune system

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Be Proactive In Your Healthcare
Don’t know which foods contain the highest amount of Vitamin C to help strengthen your immune system? Haven’t a clue which herbs can help keep bacteria at bay in your body and around the home? The ‘How to’ instructions enable you to take information and methods that may work for you, so you can tailor your natural health solutions to your needs and circumstance.
Investing in yourself is the greatest investment you can ever make. This book is written in English.

Let food be thy medicine...

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