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Do you feel like you’re a disease or illness waiting to happen? In the sick, relentless society we live in today, are we thinking ourselves sick? Never mind upgrading your phone, upgrade yourself.

According to the Office of National Statistics, from a 2011 census, 50% of older people are living with some form of ill health. Studies showed that 69.0% of people aged 15 years and over in the UK reported being in very good or good health in 2016. This is a decrease from 2010 where 79.4% people said they felt they were in good health. This suggests more people in the UK believe themselves to be in worse health. Now do you think this decline in good health is favourable to the people or to the multi-billion growing global pharmaceutical market?

– Is there something wrong with the low nutritional value of the food we eat today?

– With doctor consultation times being too short for some, have we become conditioned to just take the pharmaceutical drugs and not ask questions? (“Trust me, I’m a doctor”)

– Why are people pushed to a point of desperation before considering alternative medicine?

– Is the pharmaceutical industry for saving human lives or for profit and where can a person research or receive information on pharmaceutical drugs and ‘alternative’ treatments?

We are sure you have many more questions for healthcare professionals, but do they leave you feeling discouraged? Harvest & Filter was created to introduce options for people to take action and help you improve and maintain good health. We encourage individuals to carry out their own health-related research.

You are invited to share your opinion on health and wellness issues via the survey on this page. Your responses may help Harvest & Filter help you with your quest towards better health. The survey should take three minutes to answer and all responses shall be kept completely anonymous. Your voice and input will make an impact.

So let’s start…

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