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Grocery shopping should be more than an absented minded rush along aisles of ultra-processed products in bright packaging. Harvest & Filter has been created to help people reconnect with natural and less processed foods as a positive source of nourishment and energy.

Harvest & Filter is not just for vegans. Eating fruits and vegetables is something every body should indulge in. It’s time to get away from the trending buzzwords like ‘vegan’ and start talking about eating healthy, whole plant based foods and minimising the consumption of highly processed products, animal flesh, dairy and lab ‘foods’ that may do far more harm than good. From meat eaters to Fruitarians, all are welcome at Harvest & Filter. We all can benefit from a healthier way of life.

London based Harvest & Filter was born out of a need to offer healthier plant based foods to those reducing or all together cutting out the consumption of synthetic ingredients and food groups such as meat, dairy, refined white sugar and wheat.

For many people, high prices and poor quality, cheap foods are common concerns towards influencing what we eat. In response to this, Harvest & Filter present to our members deals that will help you get higher quality foods at a more affordable price, and ultimately a healthier you. We reach out to producers and providers of high quality foods and introduce with them to our members. We see food as a source that has the power to either build you up or break you down, whichever you eat is your choice. Joining Harvest & Filter is your choice. Make your choices for the better. Let Harvest & Filter support you in your quest to gain or maintain a healthier life.
Invest in yourself.

“The site is awesome. It’s good to connect with others who take food and health seriously. I truly believe they are connected and I salute your wholistic mindset. I’m going to share the site with others!” – T & T Plant-ery

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