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Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Maybe it’s the food you are eating that is causing disorder and ill health. The National Health service is reportedly in crisis and many of us are ‘living’ on synthetic prescriptions, some of which are difficult to afford. How did we get here?

Prevention Is Better Than Cure
Why are health professionals forbidden from making alternative recommendations to patients and could face disciplinary actions against them or face losing their licence if they do so? Most of us living in the western world, eat a western diet that is full of highly acidic, disease promoting foods. The best medicine you could receive comes from what you do for yourself – through improving your eating habits, lifestyle changes, exercise and becoming more in tune with what your body is telling you.

What you feed yourself today will contribute to either a positive or negative health consequence later. So what can we do to support a healthier life for ourselves? It’s been said that there is no diet better at warding off disease than an alkaline diet (electric food).

What Is An Alkaline Diet?
An alkaline diet is one where you consume foods that help to balance the pH level of your body so that it is more alkaline than acidic. Whilst disease thrives in an acidic body it can not take root in a alkaline one. Choosing foods that are more alkaline over acidic can promote optimum health and longevity.

Alkaline foods (list not extensive):
– Mineral spring water
– Coconut water
– Lime
– Romaine lettuce
– Kale
– Artichoke
– Okra
– Sea vegetables
– Red onions
– Turmeric
– Ginger root
– Cloves

Ideally they should also be:
– Non-hybrid
– Natural and not treated with harmful chemicals
– Seeded (fruits)
– Indigenous
– Have grown absorbing natural sunlight

Acidic foods and ingredients to avoid (list not extensive):
– Dairy
– Artificial sweeteners
– High fructose corn syrup
– Hydrogenated oils
– Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
– Refined white foods

We are all experiencing different degrees of health and some people are more sensitive to certain foods than others. Some see this sensitivity as a curse when maybe it should be looked at as a blessing in disguise, perhaps your very own internal lifesaver letting you know which foods to steer clear of. The right foods in the right quantities will do the right thing for you. Ever wanted to know how to help bring your body back into balance from allergies, angina, back pain, candida, colds, diabetes, eczema, fibroids, gout, hypertension, insomina, inflammation, sluggish liver function, parasites, thyroid problems and a host of other conditions, using more natural and wholistic methods?

Balance is the key – When you balance your body chemistry, your body, mind and spirit can flourish. Gaining and maintaining an ideal body pH can be achieved by eating an alkaline diet but balance is key! Ideally, our body’s pH levels should be slightly on the alkaline side of neutral but you may also need to consume small amounts of preferably the least acid forming foods, like brown rice rather than white, so as not to tip the pH scale too far. Balance is the key, and by balance we don’t mean 50/50.

The 80:20 Principal
Some people believe living by this can help you live a healthier life:
– Consume 80% alkaline foods (half of which should be raw)
– Consume 20% good quality (least acidic) acid foods (half of which should consist of plant proteins)

Sadly many people look for instant gratification and are too lazy or busy to conduct their own research natural ways of supporting their health. Many look for that single magic pill to resolve all your health issues overnight. If you are one of these people, this website will hopefully expand your mindset towards achieving your health goals using natural methods.

A healthy, plant-based way of eating requires planning, reading labels and discipline. Knowing what to eat and what to avoid (or limit intake) can make such a massive difference to your health. A major benefit to eating more plant-based foods is the possibility of reducing the number of medications you take. Don’t see this as an all or nothing, but a step in the right direction to a better life that you can tailor to your needs. Whether you’re looking to feed your family more organically grown foods, cut down on foods not conducive to good health or just plain curious about plant based eating, Harvest & Filter are here to help.

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